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Buffet discount with slot casibo card. Men who are drinking win the jackpots. Ive michigan the past 3 days here gambling. Their bedside manner is downright rude! I am 50 years old been gambling for 30 years literally all over the world. I make trips to Vegas each year alone as well as numerous other casinos across the country. In the 3 keepers casino I had 3 dasino incidents with gaming personnel!

There are too many other alternatives for gaming nearby this is my first and only trip to Firekeepers. Since the casino is close we were visiting often. Playing slots is a joke. Yep that much fun. If you don't have anything good to say don't say anything at all. Gaming board says MI. I for casino michigan am not going back to Firekeepers or Gun Lake.

In contrast Blue Chip machines are set up to pay back My last visit there my husband and I found a hundred dollar ticket voucher on the floor. My husband cashed it in at a kiosk. Shortly after he went to a nearby town to visit friends. Within minutes of him leaving three security and police came to my hotel room pounding on the door and told me we "stole" from the casino and they needed the money back from him. Michigan told them he would be gone a couple hours and would return the money casino michigan which we did with no proof issued that we gave it back.

They still believed he was in kepers room and came in to check really? And continued to harass me for two and a half hours until he got back. We left at one thirty in the morning lottery gambling commission though it was a three day trip.

In a nutshell I would stay away from this place. Peeps can talk good about thecasino or whatever but when a frequent customer gets treated like that me and others I have taken give this place a huge thumbs down I go here more for the atmosphere then the surety of a win Auto Shufflers, 8 shoe decks, dealer hits on soft 17, and it felt like anytime I had 19, dealer would get When Michigan finally did get blackjack, dealer had blackjack and it was a push. The buffet was excellent on seafood night, and the new hotel is amazing.

In the future I will eat and stay here, but I'm not gambling here unless I receive a freeplay offer in the mail. I know when you think 'indian casino', the first thing that pops kepeers your mind is "these people are a bunch of crooks! However, this casino is one of my favorites thus far. I drive 40 minutes extra to avoid the Michigsn casinos, in casino michigan of playing here. Even when I lose, I am still usually able to michifan the entertainment value of playing long enough to have a good time, casino michigan having a few drinks over the coarse of the day.

No hotel, aside from a Quality Inn next door. Low minimums, easy keeers. Excellent service, I've had several people approach me while i'm playing and ask if I needed a drink, no long lines at the bar. Comps are OK, but not great. Which was essentially mass produced food, cooked in industrial sized batches, and served on a fancy plate.

For mivhigan price I payed for dinner, I expected hand prepared, chef inspired food. But it was essentially food that was disguised as such. This place fully deserves the moniker 'Moneykeepers' in more ways than one. Just had an awful experience on our first visit there a few days ago.

I don't go to a casino often, but it was a holiday and I had saved my money for this 3 hr trip for some fun. After signing up for our players cards, I put a 20 meepers bill in the first machine I sat at. I pressed the spin button and nothing happened. I then noticed that the buttons were not lit up, which indicated that the machine wasn't working.

I then pressed the cash out button. I called the attendant, who then came over. I explained what happened He noted the time I had sat down and indicated that I did indeed put a 20 into the machine Then the attendent tried to tell me that I had most likely taken the money OUT after I put it in per surveillance video I was practically in tears, but he didn't seem empathetic in the least that I had just seen 20 dollars literally disappear and his attitude was one of 'tough luck' because the machine was out of order.

Needless to say, that will be our LAST visit to 'Moneykeepers'. You very rarely walk away a winner from this place. The food is acceptable Casinos were NOT built on Winners Some of the 'help' is very rude and not helpful one bit.

They seem to act like they are doing YOU a favor because Michivan work there! We were there TWICE casino their computer system went down and created havoc for everyone SAVE YOUR MONEY for LAS VEGAS or RENO, NEVADA!!! This casino is very clean, but the chances of winning are slim. You would have to invest a large amount to make any keepres. The service is really poor, they don't seem happy nor interested in the customers.

This is a nice modern stand alone facility. Vasino has everything you would expect in a newer property, with ample restaurants and close parking. Lots of slots, and only short pay VP that we saw. There are several hotels to be found in a short drive of Firekeepers. I live in Ohio but make the 2 hour drive to SW Michigan a few times a year. This is a very new casino that has a huge variety of penny and nickel slots.

Some of the slots you find here are ones that are not found in Detroit. This is an Casino michigan Casino but you would never know by the look and feel of the place. A hotel is in the process of being constructed at the casino. I did not like michigzn options for hotels in the area. The hotels are very expensive. Food options at the casino are typical and reasonably priced. Friendly, helpful service on the floor. Saw very few winners! Music gets micuigan and the air fills with smoke as the night went on.

Beautiful building and nice parking area. Close to the highway. The problem is the unwillingness to correct payscales on video keno. Example a 3 spot should pay coins, club keno pays 27, Walletkeepers pays 11! Have complained endlessly to slot michigan, his answer is if you don't like it go somewhere else. Some keepers strategy huh? I'm mainly a table player but the wife plays keno. So in order to satisfy both of us, we travel elsewhere. I agree with others, now that Gun Lake Casino is open, these people will lose business.

Too bad, otherwise not a bad place to play although winning is tough to do here. I am local michigaan visit once or twice per week since opening. The slots are tight and constantly being adjusted in play to lower minimums. Big payouts are mainly in the classic "bar" games. Payouts in the game or theme slots is generally low, at most casino neg cio certo one-hundred to two-hundred dollars.

Table games are the best, with nice dealers and player attitudes. The game rules are again tight. Player keepers amenities are standard, and regular michigan get food and small game dollar premiums. This a new casino and is very clean. There is a small non-smoking site, but smoking is heavy, mainly cigarettes. No free alcohol, but there is plenty of service at main paths. Food is excellent, and in all price ranges. Buffet is very good but expensive, however, casiho frequently discounted as csaino.

Grand prizes are nice and nicely displayed on front hall. In summary this casino, is gambling cruises cape canaveral a "gamblers" casino, but a nice local casino mainly for regional customers. Living miles from this casino, we originally vary much liked it over the rest in Detroit or Souring Eagle Casino's. But today I have decided that until they are more responsive to the RV's that helped start them, they can forget our coming there ever again.

Didnt play the table games or eat there, even though I heard the food is good. This was my first visit, keepers casino michigan, the gentleman casino michigan the customer service counter was very friendly. I was there for about 4 hours, no one offered me a drink, but I found the self serve counter. The atmosphere was pretty good, but the layout was a little confusing. There is no hotel.

The valet's were very courteous and prompt, but I forgot to tip when I left, sorry. I also casino michigan visited the Soaring Eagle Casino for the first time in several years. The biggest difference I noticed, in my opinion, was the number of slot machines that paid out a jackpot at the Soaring Eagle compared to Firekeepers. We sat down at about the same time.

Approximately an hour later, I heard 3 machines going off, one of them was a mjchigan I was there with. I did notice that at Firekeepers, more people won on the table games. I dont know how much the players won at the tables. I just compared these two casinos because I visited both of them recently.

I have been to most of the casinos in Michigan but it has been several years. Not a scientific study, just something a regular person noticed and would consider next time they choose a place to go. I have been to Las Casino michigan a couple of times.

Much better chances there winning than any place in Michigan. Firekeepers is a pretty nice looking casino. Plenty of hotels within minutes of it too. The slots here are pretty much just as tight if not tighter then the casinos in Detroit. They do have a wide selection of slot machines. Table selection is good and minimums are good even on the weekends. Most of the casino feels pretty michigab and easy to move around in.

Food selection is good. Buffet prices seem a micbigan high, but you do get a discount if you have keepers casino michigan players card. The quality of the buffet is pretty good, but the sitting arrangement is bad. It feels very cramped inside the buffet. I have visited Firekeepers several times in the last few months casino shreveport tx it is my new casino of choice.

I play slots and have found the selection of slot machines astounding! Even better than any casino in Las Vegas. The staff is friendly, the casino floor and public areas are clean and the food is worth the price. We loved their "Happy Hour" drink prices. I just wish they had a hotel on site. This place has a lot of potential but its Blackjack rules and conditions are terrible: H17, AMS machines and ridiculously high minimum tables, especially on weekends.

The buffet is okay but the selection is rather limited to say the least. I expect michigah the casino near Wayland opens this place is going to lose most of its business. They may be able to get away with screwing over the players now, but once a little competition moves into the neighborhood I was expecting less imchigan pleasantly surprised.

My games are JOB Video Poker and Blackjack and I have no opinions of other gaming options. Outside of Nevada, good blackjack conditions are impossible to find. The Video poker choices were better than other Michigan casinos. Unless you are familiar with video poker, you won't understand the lingo but I found a bank of 25 cent machines bonus which got most of my play. But the VP JOB pay tables range from to You need to check each one if you are particular.

If you play alongside the wife, as I do, one of you will most probably have a lesser paying machine. If you prefer keepres bar top machine, you will find poorer pay tables. I didn't check each one but the most frequent was Again - I didn't check every barstool. Even after choosing the best paytable, one still needs luck.

I was fortunate to basically break even during my 4 hour visit. In all, I found the place to be completely acceptable. Very Nice Employees, good location, just off I Casino was very large. The smoking areas were confusing.

But will go back. List of all casino coupons. List of Las Vegas casino coupons. How to gamble videos. How to gamble podcasts. How to play slot machines. How to play video poker. Buy video poker software. How to play blackjack, keepers casino michigan. How to play craps. How to play roulette. How to play baccarat. How to play let it ride. How to play three card poker. The casino comping system. Help for problem gamblers. Adding markers to the map If you have information that you would like to share with us about this club, please email it to us at This email address csino being protected from spambots.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Thank you for your help! Driving Bicycling Transit Walking. Updated: November 10, Was this review helpful to you? Updated: May 23, NOT ON YOUR LIFE! Updated: March 26, Updated: January 08, Leave negativity at the door.

Updated: October 30, Updated: October 04, Peeps can talk good about thecasino or whatever but when a frequent customer gets treated like that me and others I have taken give this place a huge thumbs down. Updated: June 03, I go here more for the atmosphere then the surety of a win Updated: January 25, I never go to the casino thinking I'm going to win, but this place makes me think I have a 0 chance no matter what I play or do.

Updated: November 21, BEST SLOTS IN MICHIGAN. Updated: September 03, Updated: August 01, Updated: June 30, Updated: October 25, Updated: October 11, Great Oeepers Bad Location. Updated: July 02, First time at Firekeepers. Food was great at the buffet, but a little overpriced. Updated: February 27, Updated: February 05, Firekeepers Review by local.

Updated: January 13, Only know about these items below and my comments. Updated: January 10, Great casino, win almost everytime I go. The food is wonderful, especialy in Chi-mon-ee's. My new casino of choice. The Westies Get Smoked in Las Vegas. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with music and dance at The LINQ Promenade. Party-goers michigan enjoy a live band covering popular songs with a

Fire keepers casino Presidental suite for private dinner with chef Nic. Места Battle Creek, Michigan Искусство и развлеченияКазино Firekeeper's Casino. Firekeepers Casino and Hotel. East Michigan Avenue, I and 11 Mile Road, Exit , Battle Creek, MI. Mi at mijem buffet at phone- address east michigan. Buy and access to see. Give me only after. Part of our group. Jul gallery photos betweennew hollywood casino in michigan.


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