Casino royale theme windows xp

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Now after install, the theme list comes up with Royale Noir already selected, just hit Ok. I really love these two styles!!

Sometime after the launch of XP, somewhere in Redmond, someone on the Microsoft design team was in the progress of developing something for Media Center. It was believed to be too powerful for public consumption and forever archived in the servers at 1 Microsoft Way. Now, a young hobbit man by the name of W3bbo saw light of this unheard of theme, and traveled far and wide to uncover its mysteries.

One theme to find. One theme to upload. One theme to rule them all. After wnidows dedicated searching, he finally uncovered this mystery Windows XP theme by Microsoft. In my opinion, it was the most usable non-standard XP theme available. Royale Noir is an almost exact copy of Royale except with a dark purplish tint. If Royale was day, Royale Noir is night. As W3bbo pointed out, there are quite definitely issues with this theme due to its incompleteness.

However, there is even a color scheme for Office so it will not default to the blue Luna colors. Looking at it from the big picture, Royale Noir is a welcomed alternative to the extremely small collection of verified-by-Microsoft XP themes. However being incomplete, it is not recommended for the general consumers. As I emphasize again, I take no credit for this amazing find. W3bbo did an amazing job uncovering this mystery XP theme. I extract the files wimdows a royale noir folder, and drag the folder to my themes folder and click on luna and nothing happens.

It is also possible to rename the luna. It is probably also possible to just save your current theme. And Long thanks for allowing us to download this. The only down side to me is the Start Button. This is f-ing SWEET! I love the whole noir artistic feel, in movies, and games like Max Payne, so this just takes the cake.

SFC replaced caxino file on windowss in less than 5 seconds. I installed it properly, etc. Every time I turn on the computer, it reverts back to Windows Classic and I have to go back and click on luna. Has that happened to anyone else?

I had the same problem for a while, but recently there was a System Update and now it boots cwsino with it already loaded. I was so theme windows to find that out! Seriously, i had read your post last night and right now I am reading this plagarised copy…. Another reason to look for the genuine istartedsomething badge.

You will need to patch uxtheme. Check it out here:. In any case, thanks W3bbo! Your website is fascinating! Remember to thank the guy that made it. Can Someone help me please? I extract it to the folder, and then double-click as instructed. The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion. I actually designed a skin quite similar to this for a program we are working on, without windowz about this skin.

Damn you Microsoft, steal me cqsino lol. Nah it wasnt really the same. Similar colour scheme was about it. And i sometimes work on them both at the same time. I am somewhat colorblind…. Anyway, the two sure as hell look different now! Microsoft seems to have found the colour scheme appropriate for the launch of the Zune. If you go to Zune. Huzzah for official releases of alternative OS visual styles! I loved this theme, except the start button, so I moded it to use a blue button, and it never turns green, Very Nice I get the theme to apply when i click it through the.

Finally, the Royale Noir theme is completely finished by oddbasket! The best Royale Noir and Zune theme is now on dviantART!! And best of all you can choose from the blue Royale and the iwndows Zune theme tbeme this Royale Noir theme. It says on this site that Royale Noir has been updated and released.

When i shut down my computer i have to MANUALLY reset to this theme… is there a way around this? Does anyone else have this issue? It is the default Windows XP installation and all I am trying out are these 2 themes but they both seem to exhibit this same minor issue. Any help is appreciated. I have taken an interest in this program but I dont know how cherry heights casino extract and carry out the nessisary steps for installing this program, someone help me.

Btw Tneme useing this great transparency program called FocusAlpha available Majorgeeks. You guys should try it. Is there any other program i need to have……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. I wrote a subject in a Gregarious blog. I Recommended RoyaleNoir and this URL to my iranian friend. This gheme is cool, it windws me of a Stylexp theme I once used, but without needing that horrible program installed. For those that are having trouble:.

This means you can open and extract the file. Then go to the appearance tab of your display settings right click on the desktop and then go properties and select Royale, and underneath choose from either Royale Blue or Royale Noir.

How do I make it a zipped folder? I just have one question. Does the royale revert after shutdown for everyone? Because if not, could somebody please try to figure out what is different for the people for whom it is permanent.

I really like this theme but I had x change back to the Windows XP theme because my PC kept freezing and I had theem restart. Hey, Everyone i guess this theme is good, But i vasino a better one you can pute any colour you want to. This will tide me over until Vista gets better… i downloaded service pack 2. With the theme windows theme, this is also my favourite theme for windows xp.

I like this theme. OK im kinda confused I downloaded the themes and applied it but everytime I reset my computer I have to re add the theme again. Its also not an option in my themes in order to apply it i best winning percentage casino games to open the themes folder in the.

Thanks for this theme, its all great except for the start button. I like it when its not highlighted, but once you scroll youre mouse over it it goes green, which makes the black other colors look lame :x.

But when you click the start button it goes to dark metallic green, which is pretty cool. Osiris marvelous, grate, extraordinary… Hats cassino to you dear. Thank u the,e much. I got the thrilling of achievement after completing the above task. JAYEMDEE To prevent the new theme from wundows away when you restart, make sure you save the zip file to your hard drive instead of simply opening it. This will allow you to save this best casinos online review your themes folder, and everything will stay intact next time royape restart.

This theme is banging. I have just upgraded my packages to Office and you can choose those to show in black so was a big gutted that my desktop was still silver. I just want question, where is I can free download theme for xp. I think enough that and thank for its help…. I am very happy when i saw the theme. Thank you so much, sir! This is … so amazing! I never knew this xxp. Thank you, thank you!

Clearly not very easy to install or use. Now after install, the theme list comes up with Foyale Noir already selected, just hit Ok. After that, my wonderful Royale Noir theme has gone. I select it the media centre in the themes royle, but in appearances, the selection has reverted to the two originals and only allows me to choose blue green and silver colors for buttons etc. If anyone has a way to resolve this it would be great, as Casino royale have not varied this theme since I installed it 12 months ago.

Really impressed with it and havent had any problems casino slots in los angeles it or any programs so far. Thee this is exactly what I was looking for. It nearly matches AeroFox, except it has a slight blue tint. Ah well, good enough for me! Every time I x off my computer, and when I go on it after it turns into windows classic white skin. How do I make it stick to the same skin.

Because this theme is annoying cuse when you restart your computer or turn of it gets rid of it so download myn. Everyone who has a problem about that when you restart your computer, the theme you set is gone. Wibdows one of the guest above suggested:.

To prevent the new theme from going away when you restart, make sure you save the zip royalw to your hard drive instead of simply opening it. Yeah, you just follow his suggestion. I just miss to Save As before I click Toyale. Im having hugge dificulty in downloading Hotel mandalay bay hotel and casino Noir, I managed to download just the files for Appearance but not for themes, cassino In casinl desktop windows change.

Surely it cant be this difficult. Long, W3bbo, thank you for this. My desktop now matches the inside of my skull. With a certain kind of love, W. Lee Many many thanks for this theme. I really like it because it is the simplest theme and still caaino improved I was looking for it.

A 4 year post but can understand why. Thanks for this hats off 2 u. Oh and for any1 else who has probs keeping theme applyed when restarting. THERE IS A LINK FOR A EASY Royaale DOWNLOAD OF THIS!!! NOT FAR FROM PERFECT IF YA ASK ME! But my computer is still stuck theme windows the Windows Classic theme. So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, casino royale, when we summon thfme will, they soon become inevitable.

I did the extraction to the right place F. I like it so much!!!!!! Please send me more doyale like Royal downloads. I have created an automatic installer for this awesome theme which has following features and advantages: 1. The theme didnt contain any. The installer installs the theme in correct folder and also opens the theme in Desktop Properties window.

It is NOT caaino Royale Noir! Look up Zune theme for XP! The XP theme described on this site is indeed the Royale Noir theme. The above download contains the two Royale themes. Royale is a vivid blue and Royale Noir is a dark grayish blue. The Zune theme is black with an orange start button and is available as a separate download. I have a HUGE problem with Royale. Furthermore, on windows like Control Panel, the entire window is shown in Classic. The install instructions described on this site are qindows and will lead to the theme reverting back to classis upon reboot.

U can make it normal xp though. THANK YOU — and EXTRA kudos to wjndows guy that found it orginally! It is called zune. It makes the taskbar theme windows with an orange start button and the writing goes smaller. For the past 4 years everytime my windows would crash id come back here to reinstall this theme. Thanks again mate Thanks My Dear. I just need the theme of this kind. Thanks Team Long Zheng Thank you, thank wineows, thank you!

I was sooooooo tired of rroyale, blue, green,,ugh! It looks so much better…yay me! But I think the Windows XP themes mechanisms are all missy! If you select the style to Windows or Royale, then save the theme, you cannot select it later, and if you do so, the menu element would have freaky borders.

Something like the one hheme Classic style has. Thats not only for Noir or Royale. I Loooooooooooooooooooooooooove That Trick Really…. Would love to continue using the theme but the majority of the word still sadly uses IE so it is not accessible……. Windows XP is still one of the most used OS. I spend a lot of time searching for color schemes and finally!

Thank you so much Windows XP represents 7. So millions of people are still running Windows XP. October 29, Long Zheng. This skin has not been released to anyone outside Microsoft, until now. Because this theme has been code-signed by Microsoft, No UXTheme. October 29, at am.

What other windosw themes are there? June 23, at pm. September 9, at pm. November 18, at am. June 3, at pm. Andre Da Costa says:. Theme windows very similar to the black theme used in the Beta build of Vista minus the transparency. September wijdows, at pm. December 24, at pm.

October 29, at pm. January 7, at pm. I installed it on. October 30, at am. WOW thank you for this Im gonna go digg it dude… You Rock! October 30, caino pm. Wow, this theme is cool. Thank you for your work. Herbert N Swearengen III says:. I also thought czsino did not work when I first installed it. But then I discovered the trick.

I really love these two styles!! Pingback: Royale Noir: Spice up your Theme windows at WWWorker - Sascha A. October 31, at am. February 10, at pm. Now if someone would complete it…. Pingback: Royale Noir: secret XP theme uncovered at Ge Thoughts. December 29, at pm. Thrme 1, casiino am. Pingback: Royale Noir: Secret XP theme, Uber Cool - Experimental.

People experiencing problems with this are likely having the extracted luna. February 16, at am. June 27, at am. May 1, at am. Pingback: A Hidden Black Theme in XP. November 1, windows pm. Pingback: The Arcane and the Obvious. He has even pointed to your url for download, but got it wrong ….

Theme windows I get too much of that to care anymore. November 2, at am. November 3, at am. November 3, at pm. Pingback: I Love Everything. Pingback: Temi grafici ufficiali e non per Windows XP. November 4, at am. Pingback: Sashidhar Kokku's remote corner on the web TJS: Dude, download the one posted by Christen in the link above. Pingback: The belle casino free play river colors of windowa.

November wimdows, at am. November 5, at pm. Pingback: Bite my bytes. November 6, casino pala travel pm. November 7, at am. The visual styles could not be applied.

November 8, at pm. November 9, at am. I like it though. But I caino get a little sick of though after a while. Thanks for the link. November 10, at am. November 13, at pm. Looks and sounds like an interesting theme. Will be installing to do some comparisons. November 14, at am. Pogromca-Brudu Pranie Warszawa says:. February 15, at am. November 16, jackpots casino backgammononline the-casino-guide pm.

Theme is so great…. November 18, at pm. I loved this theme, except the start button, so I moded it to use a blue button, and it never turns green, Very Nice Reply. November 19, at am. November 19, at pm. I get the theme to apply when i click it through the. November 20, at am. November 21, at am. November 21, at pm. November 24, casino royale theme windows xp, at am.

November 24, at pm. November 25, at am. December 6, at pm. I knew it was u LZ! Pingback: Gerard's Web Log. December 11, at am. December winodws, at am. Thanks again to oddbasket for giving us this awesome theme!! Thumbs tneme fot the best Royale theme yet again!

December 19, at am. Anyone thinking that the Zune theme and this Royale Noir theme are the same must have some kind of vision impairment. This theme rocks though…for sure. December 26, at pm. January iwndows, at pm. January 3, at am.

January 5, at am. Which parts are missing? January 7, at am. January 11, at pm. January 14, at am. January 14, at pm. January 15, at pm. January 16, at pm. Ernie: Yes, it is freeware. January 30, at am. Pingback: SuperBowl Zune Edition Zune Media Device. Pingback: Theme lawa untuk windows XP di InfoMalaya Blog. February 13, at pm. February 24, at pm. February 28, at pm. March 4, at am. March 8, at pm.

That is avery nice and cool theme its tehme for me to use new look in royae old package. Pingback: [Themes Desktops Win XP] Ayuda - Themw Foro. Pingback: "Hidden" Windows XP Themes - X-Devs. March 21, at am. March 25, at pm.

March 26, at pm. March 28, at pm. March 29, at am. Its not working, when I down load it its a file theme windows not in a folder, and its by its self. I sent it exactly where it said, and i tryed royalle other place i could possibly think of and its not showing up on color schemes. NO OTHER SITES ARE ANY CLOSER TO HELPING.

April 6, at am. Pingback: Free and useful tools at Netsua. April 7, at pm. Pingback: Post your system - S Forum. April 15, at am. Too all you people that dunno how to use the file get winrar Casino Reply. April 20, at pm. April 26, at am. May 1, at pm. May 2, at pm. May 22, at am. May 24, at am. June 7, at am. I have to say this is the best. You are now 1 in the cool book. June 11, at am. June 12, at am. June 13, at am.

June 18, at am. June 21, at am. June 24, at am. June 26, at pm. July 2, at am. Pingback: Windows XP Themes - Royale Noir. July 7, at pm. Pingback: Small tutorial: how toyale paint muscles windows PS - Page 2 - FileFront Gaming Forums. Pingback: John and Jenn. Windows 15, at pm. July 21, at pm. July 24, at am. I looked so good on laptop and now my desktop pc also looks cool. Pingback: Vista or xp? July 29, at am. July 30, at am. July casion, at am.

This looks great a lot easier on my eyes than that bright blue. August 2, at am. August 5, at am. August 13, at am. Pingback: Hidden XP Theme Tech Digger. August 21, at am. Pingback: Hidden XP Theme px. August 21, at pm. August 22, at am. Pingback: Windows Tbeme Themes Casinos and the gambling bill Noir - Zelda Universe Forums.

Pingback: Hidden XP Theme Gadgets Guide. Pingback: The power of the dark side : the JHK blog UNN. Pingback: Csaino Noir: secret XP theme uncovered download - istartedsomething — wisselend tij. September 24, at pm. Widnows 26, at pm. September 28, at am. Pingback: Royale Noir Window XP theme.

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Ross - a- Fly says:. November 23, at am. Pingback: Part 2 - List of Free Windows Software from Microsoft TechnoBuzz. November royape, at am. November winstar casino global event center, at am. Thank you for this Im gonna go digg it dude… You Rock! Pingback: Royale Noir: secret XP theme uncovered. November 30, at am. December 3, at am. Can anyone help my AIM: Scotapotimus. December 12, at am.

December 14, at am. Pingback: Royale Noir Theme at Casperize. December 26, at am. Pingback: Royale Noir at joshrivera. January 17, at am. Pingback: docx, allvarligt talat? Pingback: Show us your desktop! January 28, at pm. January 30, at pm. July 14, at am.

January 31, at am. February 1, at pm. February 8, at am. February 11, at am. February 11, at pm. February 14, at pm. Pingback: How to make Windows XP last for several more years BenDucklow. February 18, at am. February 19, at windows. February 22, at pm. February 25, at am. This theme look neat! If you wanna check out another cool theme follow these steps:.

And press the first 1 and download! Pingback: Back from the dead : boilr. Pingback: Windows XP on my Eee PC Iniblog. Pingback: Post your desktop - Rroyale 15 - MangaShare. Pingback: The power of the Dark Side : boilr. March 7, at pm. March 13, at pm. Pingback: Hidden XP Theme Fit Living Guide. March 18, at am. March 18, at pm. March 19, at am. March 21, at pm. Pingback: Building a multi-platform Gaming PC, part 2 Zen of Gaming. April 5, at am.

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Pingback: More Windows XP Themes General Blog. June 15, at am. Hi, i think this theme theme windows mint, is there actually other themes available to download as well? Pingback: Due fantastici temi per Windows XP on Sparkblog. June 24, at pm. Thanks for the theme, been using it for almost a year now. July 28, at pm. Pingback: Looking for XP themes that dont suck.

August 11, at pm. August 19, at am. August 27, at am. Pingback: want to make xp look like vista - UK PS3 FORUM. September 16, at am. Top online gambling sites is freaking amazing its not much but it is so cool looking and i found this look to be the only real advantage of vista… I also feel better that apparently Microsoft authorized it Reply.

October 8, at am. Pingback: Two Official Dark Themes for Windows XP Hack Responsibly. October 20, at pm. Pingback: XP Black - royale noir - idf October 27, at pm. I SAW THIS THEME ON MY NEPHEW I WAS LIKE WHAT THE HELL THIS IS COOL THEN I WENT TO MY COMPUTER AND I WAS LOOKING FOR IT AND I GOT IT ITS COOL Reply. Royale Noir is schveet. Pingback: Tgeme opp Windows XP: Vi har testet fire gratistemaer Betamagasinet.

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January 12, at am. Drew, if you have service pack 3 installed, this will not winndows, however Royal Zune does. January 21, at pm. Dude, thank you soo much. This is the best theme ever and they did not publish it??? February 4, at pm. Pingback: Sharing the goodies w1zard.

February 20, at am. Pingback: Windows XP Theme - Auriel 2 by lassekongo83 minimalistic practicalism. March 1, at am. March 5, at pm. Many many thanks for this theme. March 9, at am. Thanks a million, looks great! No problems so far and it was windows to set up! Pingback: Xp Theme - The Royale Themes Themes2. March 22, at am. April 9, at am. April 28, at am. Pingback: Themme del canal Twitter 9 Proyecto Autodidacta. Pingback: some old, but still cool, xp themes.

May 19, at am. May 28, at pm. June 7, at pm. June 17, at x. June 18, at pm. June 21, at pm. Pingback: How to install custom Windows wineows. August 2, at pm. Hey thx it casino free gambling poker strip viagra great but i cant get it permanent in the theme list in properties.

The theme is awesome anywayz Reply. August 15, at am. August 29, at am. Well, I looked through all the comments and did it all right. August 31, at am. August 31, at pm. September 2, at am. THX ;-Willard. Pingback: Royale Noir for XP? Pingback: XP 64 bit themes? November 11, at pm.

Pingback: ccasino slate ihumanable. December 9, at pm. December 16, at am. December 31, at pm. Thank windoas very much for this kick-ass theme! It is my favorite! January 24, at pm. January 28, at am. February 3, at am. February 3, at pm.

February 14, at am. Thanks so much for this one! Casio 23, at am. Hey I saw this and i had to get it! February 27, at pm. March 1, at pm. Pingback: How to in detail change Windows XP Themes? March 8, at am. March 17, at windows. Great style cassino cool. You have to make one for vista and seven XD!!! Pingback: Free Themes For Windows XP X2Q. Pingback: Download Windows XP Themes X2Q. Pingback: couple of nice xp themes - Digital World Cable Satellite Console Forum.

April 18, at am. April 18, at pm. April 23, at pm. April 29, at am. May 8, at am. May 27, at am. I have created an automatic installer for this awesome theme which has following features and advantages:. Following are the direct download links for it:. Original article windods the installer:. Pingback: 50 Free Windows Apps — Everything Hurts.

Theem 5, at am. June 10, at pm. June 11, at pm. June 14, at am. June 16, at pm. June 30, at am. June 30, at pm. This thmee officially called the ZUNE theme, look it up on caasino and click on the first link. August 14, at am. July 5, at am. July 20, at am. Here is the correct method:. Pingback: Nice Desktop photos 2FixComputers. September 7, at pm. September 12, at pm. September 27, at pm. There is one more signed theme.

October 12, at am. Pingback: Download Official Windows XP Themes, No UXTheme Patching Requiredalofile. December 24, at am. January 5, at pm. Thanks again mate Reply. Thanks Team Long Zheng Reply. Pingback: Hidden XP Theme JT's Blog. Riyale 20, at pm. January 24, at am. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thanks, i like casiino origonal blue Royale but this one is a good change Reply. January 25, at am. January 26, at am. January 27, at am. January 27, at pm. February roylae, at pm.

February 9, at am. Sport Lisboa e Benfica says:. Please, does anyone know the theme for Windows XP of Benfica? March 13, at am. March 28, at am. March 31, at pm. Thank You Very Much! Now My Windows XP is Like Windows 7 Very Very Much. April 7, at am. Pingback: How to Change the Windows XP Theme on Your Computer. April 17, at am. April aindows, at pm. Noir is the caino one for me. April 24, at pm. Excellent post, thanks for the nice explanation, I really like Reply.

Pingback: Royale Noir Theme es todo gratis. Winodws 12, at pm. May 14, at pm. May 25, at am. June 8, at pm. June 19, at am. Thanks windoss this nice topic, very useful blog if you ryoale to learn something zp find out. June 20, at am. We are deploying this theme for all computers on our school district. July 8, at pm. July 14, at pm. July 23, royae am. July 28, at am. Pingback: Desktop for September Desktop Stuff. August 29, at pm. September 2, at pm. September 8, at am. September 8, at themw.

September 13, at pm. But when i restart ma pc the royal noir theme disappaears. September 15, at pm. Pingback: xp black theme - TEMPLATES AND THEMES — TEMPLATES AND THEMES. September 20, at am. September 24, at am. October 26, at pm. October 28, at pm. Thank you for making it look better. Pingback: xp black theme TEMPLATES THEMES. November 11, at am.

November 28, at x. I have the problem that once the computer is restarted the theme changes back to windows classic and so i have to manually set it to the royale theme noir theme every time caasino log in, am i doing something wrong?? December 20, at am. A problem with cassino uxtheme. Pingback: Still Using Windows XP? December 21, at am.

January 12, at pm. February 7, at am. Pingback: Windows XP Infos Press. February 21, at am. Pingback: Royale Noir: secret XP theme uncovered download Computers Repairs Wrexham. Pingback: Benax luna Harvardunivers. Romulo de Gracia says:. March 27, at pm. Pingback: Jaraquitec — Especializa Multimarcas theme windows Black Royale Theme For Windows XP. April 19, at pm.

May 6, at pm. Love windows XP,easier to use and really made for professional people. May 10, at pm. July 15, at am. July 19, at am. Pingback: Temas de escritorio gratis para windows Los mejores recursos y aplicaciones gratis para trabajar desde casa. Hello,Is there a resolve for the problems viewing the site using internet explorer? August 30, at am. September 4, at am. September 6, caslno am. September 7, at am. September 25, at ttheme. Pingback: Unofficial Windows XP Themes Created by Microsoft - Tech2Crunch - Tech2Crunch.

December 15, at pm. December 18, at am. January 3, at pm. January 4, at am. January 6, at pm. February 4, at am. Royael Royale Noir" Theme. Pingback: Royale Noir Theme v1. Ive been using Royale Noir on my xp desktop for years since before vista was released and havent had any trouble with it as far as windowe or anything like that.

June 20, at pm. July 30, at pm. Awesome template i love it. September 29, at am. Pingback: What to Install After a Fresh XP Install. November 22, at am. December 25, at pm. March 17, at pm. April 2, at pm. Pingback: cigarettes sale - buy online sp.

Pingback: 50 Free Windows Apps from snowhuoue. Pingback: Royale Noir Theme Finished V1 attorneysh. July 17, at pm. Pingback: Installing Windows XP on a modern unsupported Haswell system in YKM's corner on the web. Pingback: Offizielle WindowsXP Wihdows - MarcTV. Thank you so much Reply. Pingback: Tema "escondido" de Windows XP descubierto - Royale Noir - arturogoga. March 3, at am. Windows XP represents 7. March 24, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Proudly powered by WordPress.

casino royale special agent theme las vegas casino theme theme. x jpeg КБ. Pics Photos - Casino Royale Theme Party Outfit. x jpeg КБ. Welcome to Windows Xp Royale. A full port/Remake for windows Can't convert them. Classic shell uses its own theme engine. Startisback uses Windows theme files. I suggest you get sib for full theme. Size: MB. Windows. Category: Desktop Enhancements. A new, official theme from Microsoft for Windows XP. It's inspired from Windows Media Center and I believe is the best Window theme ever.


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