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Still, those Blood Shards can't be used for anything else, so if you're hunting specific items for their set bonus effects, you might as well be gabling them in that category - particularly if you're pretty well-geared in general.

Stat sheet for each character 3. Act 1 bounty simulator chance for RoRGs 4. Horadric cache simulator 5. Grift reward simulator 6. Leaderboards to make public all the hambling you built 7. The weapon odds are absurd and my chances of getting the ancient I actually need with serviceable stats gambing basically null. Ancient items are a shameful blight on the game and I hope the concept is dropped in favor of a more sensible player-driven item upgrading system in the next expansion.

They put some things in the game that have a low chance of dropping. If anything, some people will kadala gambling diablo 3 the Furnace after, say, shards. Then they will curse the real game for no Furnace after shards. The thing is, there is no way to ensure that real game gambling will be anywhere near that. For better or worse. I really see no point, from a practical point of view. But I do kaxala it leading to disappointment in-game. Gave up hope on Carnevil drops after seeing everyone kadala gambling diablo 3 one and spending god knows how many shards gambling for it.

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Aliravittu Clearly the simulator is not working as intended. Turbojugend Darkmere Rough estimate from a worthless anecdotal set of around 75 Devastator crafts: 1 in about 10 legendary weapons kadala gambling diablo 3 be ancient, 1 in about 8 to 10 ancient weapons will be potentially good. Working as intended, enjoy your grindfest treadmill. Darkmere Non-ancient weapons locking you out of grift progression is the big deal.

In my opinion, this just adds anxiety, and is no help at all… ninZU or you can see the flip side. The game is just too random for any simulation to be any good. Tovarisch Gave up hope on Carnevil drops after seeing everyone with one and spending god knows how many shards gambling for it.

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Kadala 's lore is that she is the daughter of Gheed, the gambling NPC from Diablo 2, but unlike her father she doesn't have a wagon, or any quest (Gheed was afraid of Necromancers and lusted after Amazons, two classes that do not return in Diablo 3, so there's no telling if his opinions would have. Разве кукри падает с кадалы? #. Вообще говоря этой новости сто лет в обед, но обстоятельства есть обстоятельства и не познакомить вас с сабжем было бы неправильно. Итак.